​​​Ultimate Lengths  


For the past 13 years I have worked in both Canada and the United Kingdom as a very successful Hair Extension Technician. ​Focusing solely on hair extension artistry has allowed me to perfect my skills ensuring flawless work for each client.

Amount Of Hair Used

~The industry typically considers a "full head" of extensions to consist of only 100 grams, approximately 100 extensions, of human hair. The average woman requires more than 100 grams of hair to achieve the natural look that most people desire. Ultimate Lengths considers 100 grams/100 extensions to be just a HALF a head. To best influence your desired effect of both length and thickness Ultimate Lengths considers 150 grams/150 extensions a full head, ensuring seamless blending for a natural look. This is almost double the amount of hair that the average Hair Extension Technician uses.

~Ultimate Lengths goal is to create the most natural looking hair extensions possible for each client. With meticulous placement and blending your hair extensions will appear nothing but natural. 

Hair Quality

~I would never compromise the quality of your hair extensions which is why I only source and work with the highest quality products offered. Three different grades of hair are available for you to choose from. Using 100% Remy human hair ensures that your extensions remain healthy and beautiful for a full hair extension cycle.

Customized, Handmade Fusion Bonded Extensions

~Hand-making Keratin bonds gives me the opportunity to make hot fusion hair extensions reusable for clients. Most Hair Extension Technicians say that fusion extensions are not reusable because of the traditional removal process. This means that every three months you are required to purchase new hair simply because that specialist can not remove the bonds without affecting the integrity of the hair extensions. 

It is unnecessary to purchase new hair when your current extensions are still healthy and has the ability to have an extended life cycle. When you invest in a high quality product, you should benefit from the longevity. 

I remove Fusion extensions in a way that it allows me to cut the old adhesive off and add new Keratin, making your extensions reusable. This saves the cost of purchasing new product. 

~Many Hair Extension Technicians only purchase pre-bonded hot fusion extensions. This is when the keratin adhesive comes already bonded to the hair. These bonds are usually extremely bulky, heavy and, simply put, oversized making them inappropriate to use on many different hair types. For example; an individual with fine/thin hair can not safely hold and wear these pre-bonded extensions because the weight and size of the adhesive bond is too heavy for their natural hair to carry. Big and heavy extensions can put stress on your natural hair and may cause damage.​ ​To solve this issue and allow most individuals to wear extensions safely, I offer handmade keratin bonds. Creating my own adhesive tips allows me to customize the size of the extension to ensure a safe and healthy extension for your hair type. This avoids any unwanted stress or added weight to your hair, keeping your natural hair in healthy condition.

Hand-making keratin bonds also allows me to combine multiple hair colours in one individual extension, providing endless combinations of hair colours for any client. 

All of the bonds I create lay close and comfortable to your scalp and they appear virtually undetectable.

Competitive Pricing

~Ultimate Lengths pricing is extremely competitive! In some cases other hair extension artists/salons offer similar pricing, or even more expensive services, while using half the amount of hair that I use. You are not only getting professional service with Ultimate Lengths, you are also getting double the amount of high quality product as well!

Additional Professional Services

~I always want to maintain the health of my clients natural hair. To do so, I guarantee to be 100% honest with my opinions and recommendations with each client. Only honest, professional advice will be offered when discussing which hair extension method would best suit you and your hair type. A thorough review of your natural hair and hair history will allow me to deem what methods will be safe and appropriate for your hair.

​~Ultimate Lengths guarantees continuous, professional advice after your extensions have been installed.​

~Ultimate Lengths provides a complete and detailed aftercare sheet explaining how to maintain the health of your hair and hair extensions. ​

~Aiming for outstanding customer service, Ultimate Lengths only offers honest, trustworthy and professional services.​