SUPERIOR RUSSIAN HAIR: Top Quality, 100% Virgin Russian Remy Human Hair

This is considered the worlds finest hair choice and is Ultimate Lengths personal recommendation! The quality of this hair is far superior to any other product on the market. This Virgin Russian hair is ethically sourced from Russia. It has never been treated or dyed prior to processing. This means that the hair is strong, healthy and durable when purchased. The hair flows in one direction and the cuticle layer remains intact which keeps your extensions from matting, knotting, drying and breaking. 

CLASSIC HAIR: 100% Remy Human Hair

Budget conscious individuals may opt to choose Classic Human Hair.

This hair has a lifespan of 2-3 months, without the option of reusing the extensions. 

This hair is available in all four methods of extensions offered by Ultimate Lengths including; Fusion, Tape-In, Micro and Nano Rings. 


1/4 Head, 50 grams of hair/50 extensions: This amount of hair is used to simply add a little extra thickness to someone's hair. It is also a perfect amount to fill in unwanted layers in your natural hair and even out the length.

Half a Head, 100 grams of hair/100 extensions: This is the perfect amount to use for people who have very fine/thin hair who are looking to add both length and thickness. This amount of hair is also used for any individual with normal to thick hair who wants to keep their length and just add thickness.

3/4 of a Head, 125 grams of hair/125 extensions: This amount of hair is used for individuals with a normal amount of hair who want to achieve both length and thickness.

Full Head, 150 grams of hair/150 extensions: This option is ideal for people with naturally thick hair who wants to add both length and thickness. This is a great amount of hair to create that full and natural look that is desired. This makes for a total transformation!


Ultimate Lengths offers 3 different grades of hair extensions to appeal to everyone's budget. These options include: Classic, Premium and Superior Human Hair Extensions. The difference between the 3 grades of hair include the quality and the lifespan of the product. 

Depending on what you are looking for from hair extensions you can decide which grade of hair is best suited for you. 

PREMIUM GLOBAL BEST BEAUTY HAIR: High Quality, 100% Indian Remy Human Hair

This hair is one of the most popular brands in Canada because it is a high quality product yet still affordable.

Global Best Beauty is one of the leading suppliers in the world for top quality, ethnically sourced, 100% Virgin Indian Remy human hair extensions. They are a professional, high-grade supplier that specializes in hair extensions with elasticity, durability and shine. 

This hair will remain soft, shiny, smooth and trouble free for the entire lifespan. You will not experience any quality issues with this product for approximately 1 year. This hair is natural drawn meaning that 90% of the strands of hair are thick and even from root to tip. (Unlike lesser quality products that are single drawn and are extremely thin at the ends.) 

One of the factors that contribute to the superior quality and long lifespan of this product is that in Russia, there is a variety of naturally coloured hair that range from light to dark. This means that minimal colour processing is required to achieve the different shades of hair extensions that are available. This keeps the hair strong and healthy. Undergoing a much gentler processing and colour treatment means that a higher quality of hair has been maintained. The advantage of this is a longer lasting, superior quality product. 

This beautiful luxurious Russian hair has an incredibly long lifespan! This hair is available in Fusion and Micro Fusion Extensions

This product does not experience any quality issues, such as tangling, like some lesser quality products do.

This hair has a lifespan of 6+ months. This means that the hair can be reused for multiple hair extension cycles which saves you the cost of purchasing new product. GBB hair is available in Fusion, Tape-In and Micro Ring hair extensions. 

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